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Growth Mindset

Casper, Wyoming

About the business:

The Fox Spa is a day spa focused on relaxation featuring massage, Eminence Organic facials, custom eyelash extensions, Botox, fillers, cosmetic tattoos, and other services. They recently expanded to feature Casper's first full-service wax bar.

How COVID affected things:

Spa owners were notified of the shutdown, which lasted six “very long weeks”, with a half days' notice. While they eventually received assistance through federal and state relief programs, they had to innovate to find a way to pay the bills.

How The Fox Spa reacted:

Without hesitation, the Fox Spa team went to work – not in the traditional ways they were used to but they tapped into their entrepreneurial spirit. Splitting into groups, half the employees started sewing and innovating mask materials, by creating custom filter inserts from raw materials and testing the product to ensure it passed the sneeze test. The other half got busy creating door drop bags featuring 'pedi in a bucket' and 'facial in a bag'. They also put together raffles with small buy-ins for big gifts like cosmetic tattoo and massages. One of the team members even raffled off her hand-sewn quilt. They also promoted online retail sales by posting webinars and mini videos.

Once that was in motion, they started with the sweat equity. Staff put in long days at their soon-to-be-new home by helping with renovations like hanging tongue and groove, staining, painting, framing, electrical, tile work and construction site humor. These efforts saved the business thousands of dollars they would have spent to hire someone else to do the work.

In addition, the comradery and team spirit saved everyone's sanity. “Being together, laughing and learning new skills helped my team stay strong mentally,” spa owner Leah Juarez shared.

What the future holds:

The Fox Spa has evolved to private, one-on-one services in private rooms. This benefited the business more than simply dealing with the virus by helping staff transition to their goal of becoming a destination spa. Enhanced cleaning and safety protocols have become second nature and will continue going forward. Together, they are committed to focusing on the overall health of the spa both medically and financially. Other future plans include more coffee, paint, packing boxes, and Botox.


“We are over the moon excited for the completion of our new home. It is a much larger facility that allows us room to grow.”

-Leah Juarez, The Fox Spa


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