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Greybull grit

Greybull, Wyoming

About the business community:

At the base of the Big Horn Mountains and the entrance to Shell Canyon, Greybull is a charming community where its residents take pride in where they live. The quaint downtown is the hub of life in this small community where residents gather and visitors use it as a home-base as they explore nearby world-class geological and paleontological sites.

How COVID affected things:

COVID caused an initial dip in tourism and hurt downtown retail in Greybull. People were more prone to order carry-out and go to the grocery store than shopping or heading to the bar. By summer, that changed as the nation turned to road trips and traveled to Wyoming to escape.

How Greybull reacted:

The Greybull Economic Development Board grabbed the bull by the horns, resulting in improvements all over town and increased support for local businesses, events and the community. Greybull welcomed tourists as they came into town, offering a cold bottle of water and a thank you for dropping by. To make the downtown more attractive, Greybull installed lights on six blocks, giving a great impression of vibrancy and activity, and invested in signs, banners and social marketing. The town also built an Archery Range with minimal funds and increased town events.

Greybull residents shopped local, supporting local businesses in this difficult time. Right before Christmas, Greybull Economic Development even offered free delivery of a $25 or more purchase from the town’s gift stores to any town in the Bighorn Basin. As a result of community support, seven businesses opened, and a hotel renovation project breathed new life into a building vacant for many years.

What the future holds:

Greybull is feeling the energy, and many people keep saying “you can feel things improving here.” Greybull plans to build upon the recent positive momentum, expanding events and aggressively exposing the town’s features, benefits and business opportunities via social marketing and advertising. The town’s on deck to make more community improvements, fill more empty spaces and bring in small industry.


"In Greybull, like many rural areas looking to push forward, we make lemonade when overloaded with lemons!"

Lisa Dalin, Lisa's Western Cuisine

"Tourists were surprised that such a small community offered so many hidden gems and pleased that they took the time to experience what we had to offer instead of just driving through. They loved the friendliness of our townsfolk and the positive, upbeat attitude we shared."

Lori Harder, Crazy Woman Trading Post


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